Vittorio "Vittorio" Roma
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Vittorio Roma was born in Warsaw in 1986, when he was 5 years, he left with his family to Italy, where it is raised. Despite the fact that he lived every day in sunny Italy, to every holiday come to Poland. That holiday in the country did not allow him to forget about his home and tradition. And when he was 16 years old, lived longer an art, of which he began to attend the Higher School of Graphic Design and Advertising Professional Fashion in Italy. Over time, learning art and fashion world, chosen and loved one of the most difficult areas of photography. Photos fashion. Style, elegance and a new design for it is the basis for new work. The history of each item, place, and a model who appears on his pictures, is a very important element to create unique images. Currently, a series of new photographs is a new period in the life of an artist that much more time is spent new projects.

Art + commerce / Fashion / Fine Art

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