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    You are a very good looking person and you have everything to become a model. If you are interested in fashion and modeling, then you are welcome to apply as model with Scoutmodelbook.

    There are a lot of possibilities in a fashion world (Italy - France - Asia - United States)

    >> The most important things we need to recive from you are polas/snaps photos! <<

    Send us without obligations your exact specifications & Polas/Snaps

    We need: 6 face portraits & 6 full portraits (body) polas/snaps

    Do you have a video of yourself?

    Important information>>>> you can see photo samples in the following links <<<<

    >>>>Is important to know this requirement<<<<

    Images - min. Height 750px.
    Possible extentions:
    Max Video: 12 MB
    Max image size: 3700 kB # / photo.php? fbid set = 182,945,245,090,924 & o.118337194876522 = & type = 1 & theater # / photo.php? fbid set = 182,944,981,757,617 & o.118337194876522 = & type = 1 & theater

    Yours sincerely,

    M a n a g e m e n t

    S o u t c m o d e l b o o k


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